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Jump start your business success with these free business and marketing resources!
Free MakeUp Money EBook

Free Resources

Running a business is hard, but your marketing shouldn’t have to be!

It’s my mission to help makeup business owners succeed in business and create the life they want!


I created these free resources to help jump start your business and set you up for success!


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Free Makeup Money Ebook

I built a 6 figure beauty business from scratch, and in this ebook I’m giving you my top 4 tips on what to focus on to get more leads and bookings, and to make more MONEY in your makeup business! And you can get started right now!!

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Free 60-Minute Strategy Call

Confused on what to do next in your business? Not sure what strategy to use or how to generate leads in your business? Sign up for a FREE 60-minute business strategy call! I’ll give you my expert advice on what your next steps should be in your business.

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Free Facebook Support Group

Join my Free Facebook Group with lots of other like-minded MUA's! In this group, I give lots of Free business and marketing tips and advice! Get to know me better and start learning better marketing strategies starting TODAY!

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If you would like to go ALL IN on your marketing and see optimal results in your business, sales, and success – consider signing up for the Makeup Money online group course and mentoring programme!


A comprehensive membership that includes both business  coaching AND marketing to help your brand STAND OUT from the competition.


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