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Makeup Money

Makeup Money – Group Coaching Programme

Attract Clients in Abundance. 


Makeup Babes!

Question for you

What if your website and social media accounts were drip-feeding new makeup clients into your business every week, without you having to stress about what to post all the time?

Or, what about this…

What if you literally turned your online branding into a lead magnet that attracted dream clients daily, because when people are searching for a makeup artist online, YOU stand out as the obvious choice.


What if you had messages, DM’s and online bookings coming in daily without needing to do anything at all, because your MUA business was just *that* in demand and popular?

That would feel amazing, right?

If you are ready to learn how to get your makeup business growing using proven strategies that work, from someone who has done it, you’re in the right place!

Levarna Wolland Business Coach 2

Does this sound like you?

  • Your bookings are inconsistent week to week, and you wish you could just make the same amount of money every week and see it going steadily UP instead of ‘up and down.’
  • You know you need to post on your socials, but you feel like your posts are repetitive, don’t get much engagement, you just post for the sake of posting, and you don’t have a real strategy.
  • You website and branding are ‘OK’ but you’re not sure they are actually  working as well as they could be to get you bookings.
  • You feel in your heart that your makeup business could be so much more than what it is, but you just don’t know what to focus on and the steps to take to turn into your dream business.
Sound familiar?

Now. Picture this.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to confidently market your business online with a marketing strategy that works.

Instead, you could be…
  • Having busy weeks every week, even booking out for dates months or even years in advance.
  • Feeling excited about posting on your socials, and proud of your branding and website and how amazing they look.
  • Feeling confident that you know what you’re doing as a business owner, because you have a plan, strategy, guidance and support from someone who has ‘been there, done that’ and wants to keep you motivated and growing (priceless)!
  • Enjoying life as a successful makeup artistry business owner who is making good money, enjoying an amazing lifestyle, and having lots of freedom to life on your own terms (not just working 24/7).

If you want to know what you are doing with your  marketing to start making real money, then I have something just for you!

Levarna Wolland Business Coach 1
Let me introduce you to…

Makeup Money!

This step-by-step online group marketing and mentoring programme will show you exactly what to do to market your MUA business online with strategies that are easy to implement, clear to understand, and effective for any makeup business!
What’s the breakdown?

Here’s what you get inside Makeup Money…

Month One

We get really clear on your business vision and make sure you have a strategy for how to get there. We also want to make sure you make money as quickly as possible, so we will look at your pricing and if we need to increase prices or reduce expenses anywhere - because if you’re not profitable NOW then bringing in more clients isn’t going to change anything.

Month Two

We start focusing on bringing in more of your ideal clients, we look at all the different types of clients you’re currently attracting and analyze current and past customers - and then start putting together a plan for how to get more of them coming in and choosing YOU out of all the competitors.

Month Three

We look at your branding and make sure it is making your business look as professional as possible and also make sure it’s attracting the right kind of clients. We want your business to stand out and get attention and look like the best choice in your industry.

Month Four

We do some competitor analysis, and look at ALL your competition to see what they are doing vs what you are doing, so that you can make sure that you have a competitive advantage, and that you’re standing out with a great offer that gets attention.

Month Five

We look at your website and social media and make sure people can find you and that it’s giving a good impression - making them want to contact and follow you.

Month six

We start to look at your growth strategy for the next 6-12 months, planning out your promotions, marketing and advertising strategy as well as specific business goal setting to make sure you keep moving forward.

Month Seven

We make your social media content so much easier by giving you templates for your posts, cover photos, and feed design ideas. As well as a strategy of what and when to post.

Month eight

We start setting up your automated email sequence so that you can start getting new customers and leads on your mailing list (this is important because you don’t own your followers on social media) - in case your socials go down, you need to have everyone on your email list.

Month nine

We start getting new customers onto your email list with lead magnets (what to giveaway to get people giving you their email address).

Month ten

We start taking advertising your business seriously, getting you writing and running ads for your services on Facebook and Insta (using my proven methods) and also how to boost posts when you have a special offer or just want more people to see your work.

Month eleven

We take a closer look at your online and print marketing - brochures, business cards, email signatures etc, making sure everything matches and deciding if you need to update them and get a new look.

Month twelve

We make sure your customer service and sales process is working well, that customers feel good about your business, have a great experience, and want to come back. We also make sure you’re getting really great testimonials from your happy clients, and that you know how to use them in your marketing.

The results:

After all these 12 things are done, your business will be built on solid foundations, looking amazing online, standing out from the competition, and drawing in lots more of your ideal clients!

This means you will be making lots more money and your brand and business will be noticeably growing.

This coaching course includes hours and hours of video training (that you can watch in your own time), free worksheets and templates, PLUS, not to mention LIVE monthly group coaching calls with ME (and expert guests) to guide and support you!


And here’s the best bit – you get started asap and can pay weekly for:
only $97 per week!

And if for any reason, at any time, you feel you’re not getting the results you want – you can opt out!